March 29, 2019



Category of workers:

a) JAPA: Japa is a traditional way to look after a neonatal baby (Just born baby) as well as looking after the mother so that both the child and mother maintain good health. Japa period is mainly between 30 days 45 days but sometimes it can be extended. A lot of physical effort is undertaken by the Japawallies. I n this process lots of herbs/ sands /food grains are normally to be used. It helps to develop the child and the mother too is taken care of and her health too starts improving. If by chance the delivery is delayed do not engage the Japawallies for any other household work.

b.NANNY ( Baby –0 to 1 year): A neonatal baby care person who can look After a baby in a modern way on in the wa sterilization of baby’s belongingsburpingm/ Make/ bat baby sleep / feeding (bottles or spoon feeding) / keep baby’s ro washing and ironing baby’sregularmedicinesclothes/taking / giv the baby out and should understand the Preliminary health problems of the baby / and is a little knowledge to take adequate care.

C. Child Minder :

( Baby: 1 year to 2 years): Taking care of baby / sterilization / can handle baby carefully / feedcleanbaby/ / keeping her belongings clean and as and when parents are around the baby, they can assist in the kitchen as well as small domestic work

D. Baby sitter ( 2 years & above): Taking care of baby / handling baby gently / looking after all baby related job / accompany the school going baby / helping in the kitchen / helping in small domestic jobs and cooking work etc.

E.Home Help: (Above 3 yrs.) Taking care of the child and helping in the kitchen work.

F. Cook cum domestic help

Cooking (breakfast / lunch / snacks / dinner). Washing utensils / keep kitchen clean / keep kitchen appliances clan (fridge, microwave, mixer, grinder etc), lay the table and serving foods / furniture dusting / folding and unfolding beds / folding washed clothes if the clothes are machine washed then hanging the clothes out / ironing clothes belonging only to the children.